Thursday, March 20, 2008

Impossible Germany. Unlikely Japan.

In the song Impossible Germany by the Chicago based band, Wilco, the metaphor of World War II allies Germany and Japan as two people in an unlikely relationship is an interesting one to me. It is meant to show the unlikely and impossible union of two people who are defunct in their communication and even goals in life. There's an obvious problem with the union, but it is not being solved because one or both aren't willing to listen. At least that's my interpretation of the song.

Have you been in a relationship, or seen others in a relationship where it seems each party is going in two entirely different directions? There's an obvious problem of communication because each are independently working in opposite directions (with life goals, spiritual views, relationship goals, etc.). When you are the one outside that relationship, looking inward, it's usually pretty easy to spot. When you are the one on the inside, it can sometimes be more difficult to spot the differences. After all, don't opposites attract? And isn't love blind?

One can use all the worn out cliches they want in an attempt to explain being in a relationship that is pulling in different directions. The cliches are really just excuses for not listening to one another and figuring out life, relationship, or spiritual goals that the two could be working to accomplish together.

I've been in both situations myself. I thought I was in love. I thought it was working, but looking back we were going in two directions and we had far too many struggles because of it. The best thing I ever did was leave that situation (even though at the time it was extremely difficult for both sides). Now that I am in a relationship where we both are clearly unified in our direction and communication, the best advice I have is this: Don't rush into a committed relationship (i.e marriage) simply because you are "in love", "made for each other", or attracted to opposites. You will never regret waiting until you find someone you can be unified on all or most levels with. Can you honestly say that if you are always at odds?

A.D.D. Moment: How fitting is it that Don't Stop Believing by Journey just randomly started playing on my iPod shuffle? OK. I admit it isn't fitting. It's pretty cheesy. Cheesy that I took the time to point it out, and that I even have that song on my iPod.

Think about the last time you bought a car. You probably checked the warranty. You wanted a test drive (or two). You listened to the engine run. You looked under the hood. You asked lot's of questions. You thought about the price quite a bit. You probably even tried to barter a little with the salesman. All in all, you probably didn't make the decision to purchase your car simply because it just felt right. I'd even wager you didn't purchase your car because it was entirely opposite of what you were looking for. "I went in looking for a spacious, large car because I'm tall and large in size, but I came out with a Geo Metro!" That would be ridiculous, and your friends would tell you so.

So why is it we seem to consider our future wife or husband with far less scrutiny?

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