Monday, February 16, 2009

Your Employees Are Your First Customers

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"What we have some control of is the quality of life for the people who work for us, and that is number one." ~ Tom Peters at Open Forum

Your employees are your first customers.

When you value your employees, especially your best, you are in essence creating a ripple effect that will extend to your customers. If your employees are taken care of and believe in your culture, your customers will take note.

You can't fake it. You can't say you treat your employees well and then belittle them. You can't say you trust your employees to make the best decision and then second guess them all along the way. You can't say you provide them with all the information to perform their jobs well and then hoard information as power.

Your employees are your first customers.

What are you doing to ensure your most loyal employees are taken care of?


Chris McDaniel said...

Subversive talk like this will get you put on someone's 'list'.

Steve Harper said...

Thanks for the link Big Guy! Great post as always....

Ripple On!!!

Danny Brown said...

Careful fella, Godin will want his crown back at this rate! ;-)

Great and spot on post - too many companies look at X + Y ways to increase sales, revenue, retentions, etc.

They forget the A-list - their employees. Happy employees = positive atmosphere = strength in numbers = sales.

Do the math.


Andrew Weaver said...

@Chris - I'm always on someone's "list". :)

@Steve - Not a problem. Thanks for your great work!

@Danny - Sacrilege! :) Seriously, I appreciate the compliment, but I'm afraid I am no where near removing that crown.

"They forget the A-list - their employees. Happy employees = positive atmosphere = strength in numbers = sales." - Brilliantly said.

Nathan Weaver said...

By the way, bro. I liked this one so much, I sent it around the office. We're having some problems with this stuff lately in the rabbit hole. But I better shut up... or I'll be on someone's list, actually, I'm pretty certain I'm on two lists already. Go figure.

Andrew Weaver said...

Glad to hear it resonated, Nathan. Not so glad to hear of you being on "lists". Just keep putting out great work and eventually you'll find a way to improve your situation.