Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Comfort of Average

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There's a certain comfort that comes from being average.

  • It's comfortable to "just get by." Doing more would require more effort.
  • It's comfortable to always do what you've always done. Why change the way you do business when you've always done it that way?
  • It's comfortable to just believe what the preacher says. It takes a little more work (thought, study, etc.) to find out if the preacher is right.
  • It's comfortable to keep a tradition. To change or challenge a tradition would most likely rock the boat. Who wants that?
  • It's comfortable to stay in that job you despise because it pays the bills. Changing your job situation for the better would mean more work initially. An updated resume. Job searching. Phone calls. Looking your best. Interviews.
  • It's comfortable to go through the motions of your life. Actually challenging yourself to accomplish more, learn more, and grow more in life would be... well... challenging.
  • It's comfortable to stand in the middle. Taking a stand requires thought, having an opinion, and usually believing in something.
There's nothing wrong with being comfortable in life. Unless you make it a way of life. That's when you will find yourself being average, your growth will be stunted, and you won't challenge much of anything.

"Dreams can often become challenging, but challenges are what we live for." ~ Travis White


mybluevan said...

You hit the nail on the head there. Especially your point about finding out if the preacher is right. My talk at the New Year's meeting was about that very thing. It's so easy to sit back and do the minimum and be "average" that some people won't even try to put forth an effort. Excellent job.

Danny Brown said...

Spot on insights, Drew, and an excellent way to challenge people to be more than average. Yes, average is good if it gets you what you need - but average is always just a stepping stone away from greatness. :)

Andrew Weaver said...

@mybluevan - You're right. Far too many just sit back and don't even pay much attention. It's comfortable and the easy thing to do. Always sad, IMHO.

@Danny Brown - Honored to have you stop by, Danny. Always appreciate what you have to say on your blog and Twitter.

I liked, "Yes, average is good if it gets you what you need - but average is always just a stepping stone away from greatness." To use a Broganism, "the comments are better than the post".

Anonymous said...

the difference between an ordinary life and an extraorindary life is the "extra"--extra mile, extra love, extra intention.

Life is a gift that is best experienced by treating it as something to be unwrapped every day.

Change does not have to be difficult, just different and anyone can make any change with 3 things: willingess, right information and the right support (coach/mentor)--that is what I do, help people make smartlifechanges.com so they can live the life that is waiting for them all along,

The Soul Alignment Coach

Tim Jahn said...

When you're sitting in a group of people and nobody's getting up to do what's done, the simple action of you getting up can change everything. Simply raising your hand can shift the game entirely.

How cools is that?! Thanks for reminding us Drew :)

Andrew Weaver said...

Exactly, Tim. Just ask. Just say it. Just do it. Break outside your comfort zone and refuse to be comfortable with just getting by and taking what you're given.