Thursday, January 29, 2009

Waiting to Die

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You know who they are. You might even be who I’m talking about, but let’s pretend you’re not.

They are those people you can look around the workplace and see are simply going through the motions. They put forth just enough effort to get by, but not too much because then they may be asked to do a little extra work. They’re the ones who show up on time, leave on time, and add very little of value to the workplace. They're comfortable with being average.

It is as if they are waiting to die.

What's sad is when you see someone who lives their life like this. They go through the motions. They don't value their relationships. They have nothing for which they stand for. They are pushed in one direction and then another, giving in to whatever the crowd dictates. They don't have an opinion. They rarely try new things, go new places, or come up with original ideas. They are alive, but barely.

It is as if they are waiting to die.

You know who they are. You might even be who I'm talking about, but you're not. Right?

Thanks to Thom Singer who planted the seed for this post yesterday in conversation on Twitter.


Chris McDaniel said...

I agree with you, but experience tells me that more & more, our society values (and demands) just the opposite. Who is John Galt?

Andrew Weaver said...

Who is John Galt? Why the Mystery Worker of course! :) Been reading some Atlas Shrugged?

I would agree that often what is demanded and sadly even expected is less than what you could achieve. That's why you need people getting out the message. We need to quit accepting the mundane and average and push to get more. Not just out of others, but of ourselves.

Jon in OKC said...

These people eat at Chili's. I'm just sayin'

Not to say that everyone who eats at Chili's are these people, just saying that these people eat A LOT of Chili's.