Saturday, October 20, 2007

11 Reasons to Go For a Walk

Walk Out To Winter
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Physical benefits aside, going for a walk or a stroll can be a very beneficial for many different reasons. Here are just a few, in no particular order:
  1. Thinking. Some of the best times to think about life, your goals, or whatever it is you think about from time to time is while taking a leisurely stroll.
  2. Time to yourself. Along the same lines as thinking about things, but a little different. Walking alone can give you some needed alone time.
  3. Improving observational skills. I notice more when I walk. I can drive past a house or portion of the street time and again and never think one thing about it. However, when I'm walking by at a much slower pace I find I notice more details. It's good to have a wider perspective of things sometimes.
  4. Finding things. I went for two walks today, since it was such a nice autumn day. The first time I didn't see anything of value. But, on the second trip I discovered a baseball. Not anywhere near any home or yard, I picked it up and moved right along.
  5. Enjoying the outdoors. I'm not an outdoors person. I'm not into nature, animals, or the countryside. I'm a city person through and through. That said, I do enjoy the outdoors while strolling through it. It can be very refreshing if the weather is very nice. That said, even strolls in bad weather isn't even that bad.
  6. Feeling good. Everyone knows that if you exercise you often feel much better afterwards. Just taking a short walk can have the same effect. Even if you didn't really exert yourself that much.
  7. Increased creativity. I find I come up with some of my best ideas for things as I walk around. In fact, many a blog post has been written down in my head as I strolled down the street. That includes this one.
  8. Photo opportunities. Often I try to bring a camera with me while walking. Many times I find some great things to take pictures of.
  9. Musical discoveries. I have many different albums or many different artists on my iPod, and I must confess that as a result I haven't always heard all of the songs on it. Often I put it on shuffle and let the discoveries happen. Enjoying music is always nice while walking about.
  10. Meeting people. Yes, I said meeting people. I know it's probably hard to meet someone if you are walking while jamming to some tunes on the iPod. However, if by chance you end up without one there's a chance you could run into some interesting folks. When I lived close to the local Main Street, I used to always meet some great characters.
  11. Irritating dogs. Alright, for dog lovers this isn't much of a benefit. Since I'm not a dog lover, and not everyone is, I sometimes find a little self satisfaction is strolling by some crazed dog caged behind a fence in someone's yard. I don't speed up or run, I barely even acknowledge the existence of the barking dog just feet from me. It just bewilders me why the thing thinks it has to go nuts as I walk by, and in some small way entertains me.
So get out there and go for a walk on the street where you live!!
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