Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Experience Via Osmosis

Allow me to delve into the political for a brief moment. In case you haven't noticed, we're in the midst a presidential election. Recently I've noticed Hilary Clinton claiming she is the most qualified to run the nation because she has a husband who was once president. This got me to thinking about that logic, and it just doesn't add up to me. Call me an idiot, but isn't the "I am the most qualified because my husband was one" argument a lot like saying a surgeon's wife or husband is qualified to operate because they've been in the operation viewing room before? Wouldn't it be more logical to run the campaign on your record as a U.S. Senator? You could still use the "experience" card, as far as experience in Washington is concerned. Until someone is truly given the reigns, I would say it's hard to argue that because you were around the office of the presidency you are undoubtedly the most qualified. In fact, if that were the case wouldn't someone like Vice President Dick Cheney be more qualified? That guy was around Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush! Is that really the argument Mrs. Clinton is trying to make?

I'm just saying.

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