Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On The Street Where I Live

Excuse me for the shameless reference to My Fair Lady. My mind tends to associate music (good or bad) with phrases and situations. As a result, I sometimes make some odd musical references.

I live in an apartment complex that is normally fairly quiet. Of late however, there has been some drama. The kind that looks like a mix of Desperate Housewives and COPS.

I keep to myself for numerous reasons. I like the privacy that comes with people not knowing every detail of your life and visa versa. I also like just being left alone when I am at home.

Here lately however, the block where I live has been experiencing the occasional visit from emergency workers. A while back there was a domestic dispute across the hall. My landlord informed me the situation began when an ex-husband or boyfriend showed up drunk. One thing led to another and suddenly a truck was smashed up pretty bad and the cops were taking the man downtown for a night in jail. Then there was my elderly neighbor downstairs. He had a massive heart attack and died suddenly. There's also been a number of illegal drugs confiscated from some party happy neighbors.

I blame the decline in my neighborhood on the recent "Freedom From Meth" rally that was held about a month ago. You know you live in Missouri when you see a sign at the entrance to your drive that says, "Freedom From Meth Rally". For one entire weekend a large gathering of fried brains and ugly faces camped out by the river. The group was so large that it was nearly impossible to see where the tents ended from my apartment overlooking their campsite. They played music, cooked, and swam in the river. No word on just exactly what the were cooking up. It was interesting, to say the least. I took a couple of pictures I may post someday. On a side note, for a good time check out these faces of meth. Why would you do this to yourself? It boggles my mind.

I wonder who my friendly neighborhood watcher is, exactly?

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