Thursday, January 17, 2008

Even Superman Had a Weakness

It never ceases to amaze me at how incredibly blind we (myself included) can be when it comes to our weaknesses. I realize that deep down inside we can often be honest and identify them, but we rarely choose to acknowledge them to the point of doing something about them.

I'll confess, I have a few weaknesses. I know, hard to believe, right? One that I'll willingly divulge to the entire Internet world is my lack of organization. I try and I try to organize everything. I can even do a decent job at it for a while, but soon I look around and everything is amiss once again. I'm just the type of person that would rather jump in and get things done quickly and move on. I don't care much about the details. Yet when it comes to organizing, I have to pay attention to the details. Even doing simple things like writing a grocery list is something I rarely like to do. I'd rather walk in and get what I need. I'll remember, right? Not usually.

Realizing this, I know I accomplish much more when I am around those who are well organized. They help me stay focused a little more on the details. This is a positive thing.

It can be tempting to pretend we can do it all. However, I think it is a much wiser person who can identify their weaknesses and then surround themselves with people who will strengthen them in those respective areas. Especially if overcoming that weakness proves to be difficult. Some of the most successful people have figured this out.

If we could all look at what we are really good at, focus on that, and allow others to help us in the areas we are weak we would all be more successful in our endeavors. I've heard it explained before like this: A wrench will never be a screw driver, and a screw driver will never be a wrench. Look into your tool box and figure out how best to use your tools.

One of my weaknesses is organization, but I'm not too shabby in other areas. Your weakness may be something entirely different, but you are good at organizing. Got a hammer?

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