Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sky Blue Sky

Coxies In Santa Cruz
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I'm growing restless. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with my job. I'm happy with where I am at right now in my professional life. I look back and remember where I was just a little over two years ago (broke, a low paying job, and not much direction) and am very thankful for the opportunities I have. The job I have now has helped me gain a little bit of stability. Stability that was badly needed.

My current employment certainly wasn't where I expected to ever end up (trucking? Seriously?), but it's helped me along quite nicely so far. Which is why I'm beginning to examine some other avenues. I have big dreams. I'm not going to lie. Probably many of them unattainable, but I see no need not to work hard for some of them. I have finally figured out some things I love to do. I'm told I am not too bad at them either, and I'm just foolish enough to believe it. Which helps in setting some goals for the future. I don't feel like delving too much into all the details for the time being, but they involve writing professionally for one.

I know, a starving artist. It's true I would be very fortunate to get a job that allowed me to write full time, and paid the money I make now. However, I see no reason I should not try my hand at it on the side and see what doors may open along the way. After all, that's how I got the job I have now. I had a door opened for me, and I walked through. I have some doors opening again, and I'm thinking I should take the plunge...

Any feedback on this post is welcome. Tell me I'm crazy. Tell me I should go for it. It will be interesting for me to hear it from you. Not to mention, it would be helpful as well.


Anonymous said...

Go for it!

P.S. Sorry about the iPod.

Chris said...

You know where I land on this subject... plus, there is no greater crusher-of-dreams than the place you go to now everyday. I'll be glad to say "I knew him when..."