Wednesday, February 6, 2008

29 Things To Do In February

  1. Smile.
  2. Read a book or two.
  3. Call a friend.
  4. Go for a walk.
  5. Write.
  6. Dress up for no particular reason.
  7. Take some photos.
  8. Enjoy some of the first warm days of the year.
  9. Run.
  10. Hug someone.
  11. Don't skip breakfast.
  12. Discover some new music. New music to you, anyway.
  13. Dare to rid yourself of one bad habit.
  14. Dare to start one good habit.
  15. Simplify your life.
  16. Don't take things so seriously.
  17. Laugh.
  18. Focus on the important things.
  19. Sing in the car.
  20. Decide to learn a new hobby.
  21. Gain more knowledge on a subject you never cared about.
  22. Call a friend for no reason but to talk.
  23. Set a short term goal and achieve it.
  24. Set a long term goal and take steps to make it happen.
  25. Eat healthier. We all could do more of that, right?
  26. Make an effort to be friendlier.
  27. Go for a bike ride.
  28. You will make a mistake at some point. Apologize.
  29. Enjoy an extra day of February.

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