Sunday, April 13, 2008

No More Excuses

City Vehicles Only
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Why wouldn't you...

  • ... eat healthier, in order to live healthier?
  • ... master a new talent?
  • ... chase after the one thing you've always known you wanted to do?
  • ... finish the things you've always known you should finish?
  • ... go for a walk?
  • ... take up a new hobby?
  • ... take a moment to relax and reflect on your life?
  • ... tell your loved ones you love them?
  • ... be friendly to people?
  • ... say you're sorry when you make a mistake?
  • ... read a book you've been meaning to read?
Exactly! In the end, they really are just excuses. No more excuses.


Clay said...

No more excuses indeed, sir. I am going out to achieve, and with the use of my legs.

Andrew Weaver said...

The use of your legs? Are you finally doing that cross country bike ride?

Teclado e Mouse said...

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Patrick Sullivan Jr. said...

Well said!

Pulling a quote from the movie 21 -- "Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery. It's all what you do in the moment."

-Patrick Sullivan Jr.