Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poor Decisions... and George, that Tie!

This post will be a little different than most. I am in a little different mood than usual. To top things off, I'm experiencing a case of writer's block. So that is playing a part in my poor decision making tonight. I should leave you alone and just go to bed, right?

I spotted this tie on the Denver Nuggets coach, George Karl. I felt the need to share it with you because I believe it quite possibly could be the worst tie known to all mankind. This tie should never be worn in the privacy of your bedroom, much less court side at a NBA game.

I'll just wait here a moment and let you take in the entirety of just how horrendous it is.

Finished? Me too.

In life we're faced with all sorts of decisions. On a daily basis we're continuously making decision after decision. True, we don't always think much about them because they are routine, but they are decisions to be made. Simply getting up out of bed in time to get to work or school is a decision we make. Even if you were half asleep. Putting on a terrible tie is a decision too. Maybe one that should be thought out a little more.

What about making good decisions? We like to pat ourselves on the back when we know we've made a good call on something. Like making a career choice that will undoubtedly bring a little more stability to your family. Or like ending this poorly crafted post.

Allow me to deflect your attention from this post. That tie is terrible. Donate that thing to a local Denver thrift store, George. That would be a good decision.


Chris said...

What is that, the Space Needle?

Fiance said...

I almost bought you a tie like that. Man, good thing I didn't. That would have been a very poor decision.

Andrew Weaver said...

Yes, I do believe it is the Space Needle of Seattle. Which confounds me even more. He was wearing it during a Denver / Seattle game in which he was the coach of Denver. Go figure.