Thursday, September 4, 2008

13 Sure Signs You're 30

Happy 30th Birthday
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Last week I turned 30. As with most birthdays, I did a little reflecting on my life in general. Although I like to pretend that it's just another day, my birthday is usually a day when I do some self-examination. I suspect it is that way with many others as well. Last week I turned 30. Oh, I already said that. My memory is failing me in my old age.

If you've read much of what I write here, you'll know I like making lists. One might expect me to come up with 30 points to go along with my 30th birthday, but that would be cliche. Not to mention long and drawn out. I think 13 will do.

13 Sure Signs You're 30

  1. You find yourself listening to the light rock radio station.
  2. 40 feels closer than 20.
  3. People welcome you to the "30 Club" like it's a badge of honor. I don't remember there being a "20 Club", which makes me wonder if we 30 somethings are over-compensating for something when we create a club.
  4. You remember a time when Michael Jackson was cool.
  5. The music you enjoyed as a teenager is now playing on the oldies stations.
  6. People offer to help you walk across the street.
  7. You take naps.
  8. You need naps.
  9. You come up with pointless lists and post them on the Internet for all to see.
  10. You need a week to recover from 30 minutes of basketball.
  11. You remember a world without the Internet, cell phones, and Starbucks. GASP!
  12. You remember a world with Atari, telephone booths, and records (vinyl) being sold at places like Wal-Mart. GASP!
  13. You've not just heard the phrase, "Where's the beef?" You remember the commercial.


Kacie said...

Andrew - Thank you for posting this link to the "Where's the Beef" commercials -- I just got the biggest kick out of watching those again after all these years. Happy late 30th! Kacie (Jackson) Ripperger

Andrew Weaver said...

Thanks, Kacie. Glad I'm not the only one who got a kick out of seeing those old commercials again!

Thom Singer said...

You think turning 30 is interesting....oh man, just wait until 40.

Andrew Weaver said...

You're right... I think I'll JUST WAIT! I am sure I'll come up with a list for that too.