Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jumping Into The Fire

what do i do now?
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Indulge me for a moment if you will.

As you are aware I enjoy great photography. I have dabbled in the art for a while now. It has always been recreational. At the behest of several good friends and my wife I've been seriously considering taking things to the next level. I've recently purchased a new camera, a better editing program, and have been working on ideas for projects. All the while I was waiting for that day that I knew I was ready to start working professionally (I know, not even taking my own advice).

Last night I was thrown into the fire. A bride to be who lost her photographer only a month before her wedding was pointed in my direction. I appreciate Chris' kind word of mouth. Suddenly I find myself surfing wedding blogs, wedding photos, and so on. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure this new experience is top quality.

I guess I am blogging about it here because I am a little nervous about things. I had been telling myself I wasn't ready yet, it would take some time, I needed more practice, etc. Now here I am diving head first into my first project. A full fledged wedding...

I must give credit to an inspiration of mine, Alisha Hurt. She's not only been a good friend, photographer at my own wedding, but a great help in preparing me for this jump. Check out her great work. You will not be disappointed. Some of her work was recently featured on The Bride's Cafe as well.

Into the fire I go.


Chris McDaniel said...

I don't believe the Photographer is allowed to get cold feet! All joking aside - her wedding couldn't be in more capable, conscientious hands.

Jon said...

I'm sure all will go great. I always say that anything worth doing should be terrifying.

Andrew said...

Thanks again, Chris.

Jon - I would agree. Everyone needs a little risk or else we'd never get anywhere and never learn from any failures.

Alisha F. said...

I went out of town or I would have left a comment on Thursday.

You will do great Andrew. You've been practicing longer than I did before I shot my first wedding. I can't wait to see how it turns out! :)