Saturday, November 29, 2008

22 Ways To Make Someone's Day

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Go ahead...

  1. Smile.
  2. Ask them how things are going, then listen.
  3. Offer to help.
  4. Write them a note.
  5. Tell them you love them.
  6. Tell a joke (preferably funny).
  7. Call them randomly for a brief chat.
  8. Provide them an opportunity.
  9. Share.
  10. Give them a card.
  11. Show your appreciation.
  12. Take them to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just one of them. All three would probably be overkill.
  13. Observe their needs and then fill them.
  14. Compliment them, but mean it. Nothing is worse, or more see through, than a hollow compliment.
  15. Give them a gift for no other reason than you wanted to.
  16. Encourage them.
  17. If you are proud of them, tell them.
  18. Hug.
  19. Help them get ahead and out of a rut.
  20. Do some of their work for them.
  21. If appropriate, cook for them.
  22. Just be friendly and kind.
Of course, most of these work best when you set out to make someone's day without concern for payback. When you start keeping score or thinking you wasted your time helping this person or that person because they didn't give you something in return, you've missed the point. Give, share, and be kind without concern for anything in return. You'll be happy you did.

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