Monday, December 22, 2008

Giving Right

"Winter in Central Park"
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When you give do you...

  • ... expect something in return?
  • ... buy something you want, instead of something they want?
  • ... feel obligated to give?
  • ... hate spending the money?
  • ... wish you didn't have to?
  • ... keep score and make it a point to bring up your past gifts?
If you do just one of these things, then you're missing the point of giving. You're missing the point of helping someone. You're missing the point of sharing. In short, you're not getting it.

May I suggest trying a different approach to giving?
  • Give without any expectation of ever receiving anything in return.
  • Want to give.
  • Give not just when you're expected to, but give when it is least expected.
  • Come up with creative and unique gifts.
  • When you see an opportunity to give, take it. Do not think twice or tell yourself you will do it later.
  • Never give a gift and then hold it against someone later.
  • Encourage them to pay it forward, rather than pay you back.
Any other suggestions?

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