Thursday, January 22, 2009

13 'Ful's

Keeley 2
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  1. Be useful.
  2. Be helpful.
  3. Be masterful.
  4. Be beautiful.
  5. Be characterful.
  6. Be healthful.
  7. Be meaningful.
  8. Be respectful.
  9. Be thoughtful.
  10. Be truthful.
  11. Be colorful.
  12. Be grateful.
  13. Be hopeful.
If you added just a few of these things to your day, you'd be delightful to be around and your influence would be powerful. Why not start now?

Have more to add? Feel free.


Josh said...

Thankful? Grateful, to me is introspective, thankful is outwardly expressive.

Andrew Weaver said...

Good catch, Josh. How I left that out is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Or you could just be 'ful' of it. :P

Last time I checked characterful isn't even in the English language. ;)

Andrew Weaver said...

Last time I checked, Merriam-Webster would beg to differ.