Saturday, March 7, 2009

7 Things To Do If You're NOT Laid Off

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With the current economy continuing in a state of decline, there is an abundance of information on what you should do if you find yourself out of work. I've even touched on it myself here and here. The problem is, that's what you should be doing if you find yourself laid off. What if you still have your job? What then?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Network - This is huge. Be out there creating relationships. At work and elsewhere. Help others. Give to others. Know someone out of work? Can you do something for them? Network, network, and network some more.
  2. Create and show your value - If you're not already adding value to your workplace, start. You cannot assume your self-perceived value is known. You cannot afford to. Hint: Sitting around doing nothing, surfing the net, or not completing assigned tasks will not increase your value.
  3. Resist the temptation to lay low - The temptation to lay low is stronger now than it has been in years. The thinking is, "Don't rock the boat, then when the layoffs come they won't even notice me." Wrong. You lay low, you could be the first one out the door. If it has to be asked of you, "What does he/she do?", I'd be worried.
  4. Propose ways to cut fat, not jobs - Go to your boss, CEO, President and discuss the fat you see that could be cut. Figure out ways to be operate lean without cutting a large swath of people, then propose those ideas to someone who can make it happen. If you are the person who can make it happen, you should already be looking at these things. Right?
  5. Make sure your resume is updated and ready - Has it been a while since you updated your resume? It's a good time to do some tweaking. Be ready to hand it out at any moment.
  6. Keep an eye on available jobs - You should always keep your eyes open anyway. No matter the economic time. It's time to be paying attention to other opportunities, options, or directions. If your current job doesn't look to be very stable, start putting your resume out there. Apply for other jobs with companies that are more secure.
  7. Get in touch with your entrepreneurial spirit - Get creative. Be innovative. Look for ways to create a steady cash flow. Identify a need and then provide the service. Some of the most innovative ideas have come out of tough economic times. Your entrepreneurial spirit is key to escaping economic troubles.
In short, prepare. Don't take your job for granted, but as Charlie Hoehn points out, you need to force yourself to swim.


Meredith said...

Fantastic article - thanks for the photo credit!


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Thank you, Meredith! Thanks for taking such an awesome photo! :)