Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sitting on the Sideline

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No post here today, but I do have a guest post over at Thom Singer's blog Some Assembly Required. It's called Sitting on the Sideline and I invite you to go and read it.

I also invite you to check out Thom Singer's other posts. He is the author of three books on the importance of business professionals building their network, with two more books slated for release this year. If you can't tell, he is a busy guy. You can also connect with him on Twitter here.


Josh said...

I just wanted to comment to you about your Twitter that you posted on the baseball player who was traded for bats. I don't know if you've ever read the whole story about it but he had been arrested/to prison before and that was keeping him from going to Canada when he was sent/traded there. He stayed at the border for a while I believe until they realized nothing could be done, so they worked out the infamous trade. I think this was rightly explained to him but you know how the media just LOVES stories that are so sensational. So, why not a guy for bats, no questions asked.

Keep on rockin'.

Jon in OKC said...

Congrats on the guest spot over there. I am about to go and read it now. I just have to say though, that in a league where equipment costs can be as much as they're paying a player, it's not really that shocking of a story. Equipment costs add up. Or so I thought.

Andrew Weaver said...

@Josh - I was not aware of that bit of information. It makes even more sense then.

@Jon - Thanks, man.