Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

Sitting On Edge
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Just thinking out loud over here. Some entirely random musings.

  • What happens when a customer asks for a service you cannot provide? Do you satisfy them by recommending a competitor who can? Maybe you should consider it. I learned this lesson very early when the flooring store I worked for out of high school would consistently point the customer they could not satisfy in the direction of someone who could. You aren't sending them elsewhere because you cannot satisfy them. You're satisfying them by helping them when you could not.
  • How do you know when to quit?
  • You know a nation is in trouble when the government shrugs at real problems and the populace watches American Idol.
  • When all else fails, blog.
  • Decide today to make someone's day. Do I really need to give you ideas?
  • Sometimes fears hold us back. I could go on and on about why they shouldn't, but Leo gives us solutions to the problem in his guide to beating the fears holding us back.
  • I know we all want forward motion, but sometimes it's good to slow down or even stop for a moment.
  • Too many little things distract us. Try to stay focused bigger picture.
What are you thinking about?

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