Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Is Twitter?

My Twitter Class of '08
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What is Twitter?

I’m getting asked that question much more of late. It’s such a loaded question. I find myself struggling to give a consistent, clear answer. So, I've compiled a list of answers one could give when asked this question.

In short, Twitter is what you make it. It's a tool that can be used for many different things. All I can say is try it out, figure out how you want to use it, and have fun.


CharlieCurve said...

Short answers:
Twitter is a cocktail party.
Twitter is a conversation.
Twitter is the love child of a conference call and an instant message (hat tip to @ambercadabra)

Slightly longer answer:
Twitter is like an online cocktail party - a mishmash of conversations about work, life and the news of the day with folks you know and need to meet.

Danny Brown said...

Even shorter answer than Charlie:

"Twitter is the best friend you never had."

Nice post, Drew, and love your different analogies.

Danny Brown said...

PS - Am I right in thinking that you just called me a "PR tool"??? ;-)

Tim Jahn said...

Definitely the question of the hour and you have some great answers here.

People need to understand, that like anything, you get what you put in with Twitter. The platform may work for some and not for others. There's nothing wrong with that. Use Twitter as you see fit but don't sit around all day bashing it simply because it doesn't fit into your style.

Tobin Truog said...

Ahhh...yes. Great post.

Twitter is your own personal 80 / 20 rule...

You can decide what is 80 and what is 20.

I also think that Twitter is as effective as you want it to be...OR as much time wasting as you want.

Thanks for the different take.

CakeJunkie said...

You forgot "Twitter is addicting".

Branny Down said...

I can't believe you called Danny Brown a tool in public. This kind of insult is only allowed in private and only after you have consumed 3 cups of Sake (4 if you're related to him).

I know Danny from our rehab days and he's certainly not a tool. A stool, perhaps, or a fool. Maybe even a toadstool. But tool? Hmmm...

Did you know Danny has a morbid fear of chisels, for example? Calling someone a tool when they have a fear of tools seems especially cruel.

Maybe you have yet to drink the Sake from Danny Brown's cup?