Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do Something Different

Laundry Awaits
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So what you're doing isn't working. Now what?

Dare to do something different for once. Challenge the status quo. Change your usual routine. Take on a new direction. Decide to stop going with the flow and do something that is meaningful and will stand out. Do something different in an effort to be remarkable.

Of course, you want to do something different for the right reasons. Doing it different just to be weird or get attention usually doesn't work out positively. Do something different, but don’t do it for the sake of being different.

Be and do something different, but with a purpose.


Henie said...

I most definitely agree that being different with a purpose or cause is the way to go!:~)

Cassandra Jade said...

I like the advice, but I think it would be more constructive to explain how to be different with purpose and how it differs from just wanting to be a bit nutty. Unfortunately many people cannot tell the difference.