Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keeping Your Employees Informed

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Providing your employees with just enough information to do their job isn’t enough. It will enable them to push paper and enter data, but it won't encourage them to excel. Nor will they feel like they have an investment in your business.

Why not provide your employees with information on your vision for the future? Lay out clear goals and when they are accomplished, let everyone know. I hate to use a phrase that is being beat to death in the social media and political world, but be transparent. Let your employees know where they stand in the grand scheme of things. If times are tough, don't lock down and shut up. Tell them and lay out a vision for changing the trend.

Consider this: If you don't, the rumor mill will.

Don't use information as power, but use information to empower your employees. Provide your employees with the right tools, such as information, and watch them take ownership of the vision. In hard economic times, it seems to me this would be even more important.

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Chris McDaniel said...

Heretic!!! Nice post, my friend.