Thursday, July 9, 2009

What If You Had the Best Employee Service?

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Let’s pretend for a moment you have one of the best customer service records in the professional world. Consider for a moment the relationship you would have with your customers.

  • You go out of your way to make them comfortable.
  • The customer is always right.
  • You do everything you can to serve them.
  • The customer enjoys their experience when doing business with you.
  • The customer sings your praises to their friends, providing you that coveted word of mouth advantage over your competitors.
  • You ask for and listen to their input.
  • You act on their input and suggestions.
  • The customer trusts you.
  • You strive to make sure every customer leaves you satisfied.
Now, imagine you took those same points and replaced the word customer with employee.

What if you went out of your way to make your employees comfortable? What if your employees were always right? What if you did everything you could to serve them? What if your employees enjoyed the experience of working for you? What if your employees sang the praises of your business, telling their friends about how great it was to work for you? What if you asked for and listened to your employee's input and suggestions? What if you acted on your employee's suggestions from time to time? What if your employees trusted you? What if you were striving to make sure every employee went home feeling satisfied after a day of work for you?

If you believed your employees are your first customers, much of this would already be happening. The best part? Your employees would pass it on to your customers.


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