Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yesterday's Home Runs

Sir Albert hits a homer
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"Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games." ~ Babe Ruth

If we're not careful, we can all fall into the trap of celebrating yesterday's home runs a little more than we should. I know I have in times past and I am sure you can look into your own life and see times when you were guilty of it too.

Here's the potential trap: It's a great feeling to accomplish something of great importance. It is nice when you get the job done. It's wonderful when you create something brilliant, help someone in need of some assistance, or simply do a good deed. Naturally, we will look back on those home runs with fondness.

Here's the truth: Past accomplishments do not excuse inaction or failure today.

Here's the point: There is nothing wrong with putting your past accomplishments out there from time to time. We all have a story to tell. However, your story also includes today and your future. Don't get hamstrung by always going back to that home run you hit years ago. It doesn't really matter much when it comes to today's game.


Danny Brown said...

Well said fella - the past shouldn't be forgotten but we only truly grow by learning from it and putting these lessons into our next steps.

Great post to end the week on :)

Tim Jahn said...

Or does it?

Does hitting a home run in the past 10 games increase your chance of hitting a home run in today's game?

One shouldn't dwell on the past but everything that happened in the past is what brought us to today. As cheesy as that sounds, it's pure fact, right?

Andrew Weaver said...

@Danny - Thanks for the comment, as always. It seems, though, you always find those people who can talk all about what they did 10 years ago or so, but don't have any plans for today or the future to achieve anything more. It's sad to me.

@Tim - I was wondering who would say this! :) I agree 100%. Without any past accomplishments it can be hard to have future opportunities. Many opportunities today and tomorrow come from the fact that you did some great stuff in the past.

The key thing here, I think, is to remember past successes never excuse inaction today.