Saturday, August 8, 2009


London Bridge station
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I've been thinking about the value of simplicity a lot lately. Whether it is personal improvement, business, or other areas of our lives we're often better off keeping things simple. We humans like to muck it up. We like to make things harder than they really are. When really all we need is to keep it simple, stupid.

So as I dilly dally around and think about writing a post on the subject, Danny Brown (as he so often does) comes out says all of this much better than I in his post, The New Storytellers. I'm going to do something a little different here and post to point you to a post.

It's all based off the fan video below of a Dashboard Confessional song. So enjoy the music, but go and see what Danny has to say.

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Danny Brown said...

Hey there fella,

Sorry about that - guess the mind meld training paid off. And there was me thinking it was just for nerds... ;-) (of which I firmly class myself one of!!).

Thanks for the shout, fella, and glad the post resonated with you. Although I'd still like to see your post that would have come - you know how much I enjoy your thoughts.

Cheers bud!