Thursday, October 1, 2009

9 Ideas to Help You Change Your Approach

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Sometimes it's not the system. Sometimes it's not everyone else. Sometimes it's not your terrible job. Sometimes it's not the man. Sometimes it's not your luck. Sometimes you just need to change your approach, your attitude, or your goals.

If you aren't already doing some if these things, it's probably time to change your approach:

  1. Be exceptional; especially when everyone else isn't.
  2. Focus on engaging people, not on how many business cards you can collect.
  3. When you compliment someone, mean it. Not much is worse than a fake compliment.
  4. Step forward when needed. You may feel alone at first, but it may be everyone's waiting to follow your lead.
  5. When surrounded by mediocrity, you have two options. Leave or be the exception to the rule. Choose.
  6. Challenge the status quo when necessary.
  7. Always ask questions.
  8. Be confident, but don't be a know it all. There's a difference.
  9. Be consistent in everything you do. People like to rely on someone.
Start adding some of these ideas and others like them to your daily routine and it's amazing how much better you will feel about your situation. In the very least, you can have peace of mind. At least then you'll know it's not you.

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Ina said...

Hi Andrew,

I like your angle. Normally people say: “why can't you just see the full half of the glass?” and it seems you're saying: “Who cares about the glass: Go our and do something you like. Something that makes you feel that you rock!”