Monday, October 5, 2009

Be the Exception to the Rule

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When many politicians saw the abolition of slavery as a political risk not worth taking, Abraham Lincoln was the exception to the rule. When most leaders in India thought violence was the only way to overcome British rule, Mahatma Ghandi was the exception to the rule. When the status quo demanded the Catholic church control much of the world and heavily influence secular government, John Wycliffe was the exception to the rule.

On a much smaller level usually, you have the chance to be the exception to the rule in many aspects of life. Whether it be your everyday lifestyle, your work, or church you constantly come across opportunities to be the exception. You just have to choose to be.

  • When everyone else is content to be mediocre, be the exception to the rule.
  • When the it seems no one will take a stand, be the exception to the rule.
  • When fear rules the day, be the exception to the rule.
  • When your boss demands the very least, be the exception to the rule.
  • When everyone believes you cannot, be the exception to the rule and show them you can.
  • When it seems the best thing to do is to lay low and remain unknown, be the exception to the rule.
We could go on and on with these. I think you get the drift. Be the exception to the rule.


Danny Brown said...

Fantastic post, Drew. So very true as well. Sure, it's nice to be safely cocooned in what we know to work, or offers a certain comfort level. But you know what - being too comfortable often just leads to piles.

Get off your butt, save on pharmacy costs and be different. You might just be surprised at what can be achieved...

Solid post, my friend.

Andrew Weaver said...

Thanks, Danny.

So often I think we just take what we're given because that's what is comfortable. The radio tells us what music we should like. The TV tells us what shows we should like. The status quo tells us how it's supposed to work.

Too often we don't set out to see what WE like, what WE think, or what WE know works. We go for what is comfortable or what is convenient. As a result we rarely find ourselves being exceptional.

Jeff Wiedner said...

Aw, Drew. But it's so comfortable not moving from this spot...

Loved the post and the follow up. Especially appreciated "be the exception when everyone believes you can't." It can be such a fight getting an org to move away from where it's safe -- safety is an easy sell. But it's a fight that's worth it, IMO.

Ben Young said...

Thanks Drew for the link - legend! Completely agree. You feel magnitudes times better when you speak your view and take a stand, than just letting others gloss you over. People also respect it...

Andrew Weaver said...

@Jeff - Glad you stopped by. I couldn't agree with you more. Safety is the safest sell, so most of the time no one pushes themselves to be exceptional.

@Ben - No worries. I just felt it fit well with the idea I was trying to bring out. :)