Friday, October 30, 2009

Talking Change

Originally uploaded by Joep R.

A lot of people can talk about change.

A smoker saying they're going to quit is talking change. An alcoholic saying they will stop drinking is talking change. A presidential candidate promising to deliver an administration different from the last is talking change. A manager saying they're going to shake things up and defy the status quo is talking change. A football coach promising to deliver more wins this year than next is talking change.

Anyone can talk change and nearly anyone does.

The thing about change is it cannot be sustained with talk. It requires action. It requires more than lip service. It requires a change in lifestyle, in practice, in thinking. When you start talking like that, people usually jump off the change bandwagon. That's when talk of change fades and the status quo lives on.

At some point you must stop talking change and producing change. It's easy to talk change. It's a whole lot more difficult to produce change.

Are you busy talking change? Maybe it's time to start following through on that talk. Produce some results. Go up against the status quo with some positive results. Quit that bad habit you've been telling your friends and family you are going to quit once and for all. Follow through on your talk of change.

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