Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Best Leaders

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The best leaders realize they aren't leading lemmings or like-minded robots. The best leaders understand they are leading a group of diverse and different people. It may be that they buy into the system, the goal, or the vision of the leader, but it would be foolish to believe they buy into the leader so much that most will not think on their own.

The best leaders...

  • Don't care who gets credit.
  • Deflect credit and point to their team.
  • Engage their team in more than lip service.
  • Allow for the freedom of ideas, discussion, and new ways of doing things.
  • Listen.
  • Understand the importance of trust.
  • Are consistent.
  • Promote excellence within the team.
  • Refuse to accept mediocre performance within the team.
  • Lead even when they aren't in a position of authority.
  • Have a vision of what is ahead.
  • Motivate.
The best leaders understand they are leading people with different ideas, backgrounds, and personalities. Instead of trying to force every crayon to stay within the lines, they understand some can perform their job best when outside the lines. The best leaders figure this out and are capable of juggling all the different personalities they are leading while never losing sight of the vision everyone has bought in to.

Thanks to Cymberly Pierce for providing the idea for this post when I asked for some tips the other day on what to post next. Yes, I take suggestions.


Cymberly said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout out. Great post. I always love what you write about leadership. It's like we're sharing the same brain.

Andrew Weaver said...

Thanks for pointing my thoughts in this direction! :)

Anonymous said...

We do SMTP everyday, 24 /7 and the only motivation anyone has is their mortgage. This is just burning us vision, no end to this endless SMTP. We have started to belive in workplace angels and wondering when ours will come. ( Soon, oh please ! )

Thanks for this great article, gives us hope. We are all suicidal, but are so lethargic and burnt out that we can't even raise the energy to commit the act.