Sunday, November 29, 2009

Your Customers Want to Know

Salt Lake City, Utah
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As a business, why are you signing up for social media?

Are you doing it because it's the next big thing? Is your plan simply to have a presence? Are you signing up because your competition is? You shouldn't be.

I guess this is what I really want to know is, why sign up and create a presence if you aren't going to do it right?

If you're just vomiting links on Twitter or only talking about yourself on other outlets, what's the point? When does the social in social media come in? Where's the interaction with your followers, readers, or viewers? Where's the clue that reveals you're truly interested in doing the work necessary to make social media work for your business?

Your customers want to know.


Chris McDaniel said...

Most of these companies don't care to have any social interaction with their employees (their "first" customers,) who are right there in the building with them. Why on earth would we expect them to want a genuine conversation with their customers?

After all -- we're all (customers and employees) just dollar signs to them... we just reside in different columns on their balance sheet.

Andrew Weaver said...

As much as I hate to admit it, I think too often you would be correct about many businesses. Not all, but many. I've been fortunate enough to work for a place where you were more than just a number or cog, and it made for a great place to work.

Until management understands and truly places value on their first customers (employees), they will always struggle to truly connect in a valuable way with their customers IMHO.