Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Game Are You Playing?

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Would you tell a group of people to show up to the gym the next morning for a game and not provide the details of what game you plan on playing? Probably not.

The reason is clear. If you tell a group of people to show up for a game without providing the details of what sport you'll be playing there's no telling what might happen. Some might show up with a basketball, while another person comes with a volleyball. Some may show up completely unprepared to play any game because, after all no game was specified. If you came ready to play racquetball you'd be disappointed that no one else thought of that. The result of course would be chaos, disappointment, and quite possibly failure to play any game.

That example is absurd of course. But, is it?

Consider for a moment your workplace. If you're a leader within the organization are you making the vision clear? Do your employees (the players) know what to bring? Are the expectations of the game clear? Do your employees really know what game to play or is one showing up with this game plan, another with that game plan, and still yet another with a different game plan?

Now that you've looked at it that way, is the first example as absurd as it seemed at first? Probably not.

Until all the players (your employees) understand what game they are playing, the end result is almost always chaos, disappointment, and quite possibly failure.

Instead of making your reputation as a reactionary leader, make it as a visionary leader. Make the vision clear and concise. Don't keep them guessing on the expectations or change the expectations in the middle of the game. Tell your employees what game you're playing so they can play along.

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