Monday, January 4, 2010

7 Reasons to Take a Vacation

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"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking." ~ Earl Wilson

The word vacation means many different things to different people. My wife and I took a vacation in June to Boston and New York City. We loved it. My father in law thought we were crazy. He wants to take a vacation skiing down the side of a mountain in Colorado. I'm not so keen on the idea. Mostly because visions of Sonny Bono keep dancing in my head. Or is it John Denver's terrible video that keeps dancing in my head? I'm not sure which.

7 Reasons to Take a Vacation

  1. Change things up. When you go on vacation, routines are usually left behind. That's one of the best reasons I can think of to take a vacation. Change up your mundane daily life. Break the routine and take a vacation.
  2. It's fun, of course. I don't think there's much explanation needed here. You know how to take a vacation and have a little fun, right?
  3. You can learn new things. Not always, but if you take a vacation to a place you've never been the odds are pretty good you'll learn a few new things. My wife and I just came back from a vacation that had a stop over in St. Augustine, FL. The history there was mind boggling and the town itself was a delight.
  4. Self reflection. The break in pace can allow you to take a step back and do some reflection. Take moments throughout your vacation to consider the things that matter, come up with new ideas, or just regain focus. Regroup, recoup, and reflect when you're on vacation.
  5. Relax, of course. If you're not stopping to relax, you're not on vacation in my opinion. If you have work calling or e-mailing you ever so often you're also not on vacation and you're not relaxing. Relax and cut the ties from work for a while. You'll be better off for it.
  6. You can build on your relationships. Most people take vacations with someone else. Whether it's a friend or loved one take the opportunity to build on your relationship. A vacation is a great way to get closer.
  7. Refresh your mind. A vacation is a great way to clear your mind and help you regain focus. Especially if you work in a high stress environment. Your mind can become muddled and it's easy to lose focus. Refresh your mind when on vacation.
So take a vacation soon or plan one for later in 2010. You probably need it. Go to a far away place. Stay close to home and relax. Go somewhere nearby for a day. No matter what a vacation is to you, the effect can often be the same for each of us.

*This post was penned in my handy little Moleskine on the beaches of Destin, FL last week. Yes, I was on vacation. Reflecting, relaxing, and refocusing.


Lea said...

These are so true reasons to take vacation. We choose carefully when and where to take vacation too.

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wordylilchacha said...

What i like in vacationing are adventure and meditation at the same time. Experiencing unusual things far from your routine will make you realize that there are something else that you can do. You can also meditate because when you see beautiful scenery and having fun, you appreciate life.