Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hard Work

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Networking. Transparency. Connecting. Communication. Community. Crush it! Break down the silos. Synergy. Commitment. Team building. Think outside the box. Step up to the plate. Shake things up. Rebranding.

No matter your buzz word, favorite phrase, or rallying cry, two words must be in the details of the plan. Hard work. Without hard work nothing else will matter. Period. End of story.

The most successful professionals don't get there by simply going through the motions and talking a good game.

You can say all the right things, but without hard work the goals you're talking about will never be achieved. You have to be willing to ask and handle the answer to the tough questions. You must come up with solid solutions and then follow through with the plans for those solutions.

If the details of your plan don't include hard work, it won't matter much what you are saying.

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