Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That Little Voice Likes Myths

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That little voice inside your head likes myths when it comes to your career.

It tries to convince you that you can't even before you've tried. It wants you to know you're crazy for taking the risk. It is going to try and instill enough fear in you to keep you comfortable with average. It will tell you you're weird for considering a different, or unorthodox path. It tries to convince you that in order to succeed you must color within the lines at all times.

I understand that sometimes that little voice may be right, but I'd rather prove it wrong. How about you?


Josh said...

It's important is to understand why that voice is there in the first place. From an evolutionary standpoint, it's there to keep you within a safe zone and not take risks that can endanger your life. In today's society where such risks are now whittled down to social and economical decisions/outcomes more so than a life vs. death situations, the voice is indeed a hinderance and should be challenged more.

Andrew Weaver said...

I would agree that our natural instincts are there as a tool for our survival. That's a good point. But, somewhere along the way we've got to learn to overcome that voice that tries to hold us back on so many things that would be improvements to our lives.