Monday, February 1, 2010

The Paint By Numbers Life

Banksy - New Orleans - I will not copy things I see on the Simpsons
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Growing up we're taught to color inside the lines, to paint by the numbers. Anything else is typically unacceptable. So most of our life we try to paint by the numbers we're provided. After all, it's scary to pick a different color than what the number says.

Painting by the numbers usually results in...
  • ... that corporate job you feel holds you back.
  • ... a tendency to avoid risk and embrace what is comfortable.
  • ... never really getting paid to do what you love. In other words, a job.
Of course not everyone should or can ignore the numbers of the painting. Sometimes the timing isn't right or you really must to function personally within the lines and by the numbers. I understand that.

However, if you're one who wonders what it would be like to color outside the lines or ignore the numbers maybe it's time to change your game. Choose a different color. Color outside the lines. It could be exactly what you've been needing to do for a long time.

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