Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let Me Tell You About My Boat...

"The Belafonte was a long range sub-hunter during the second world war..."

Ready To Board

... which we bought from the U.S. Navy for $900,000."

Are You In A Band?

"This is my mentor, Lord Mandrake. He's dead now."

Billy Murray Wannabe

"The sauna..."

Happy New Year!!!

"...was designed by an engineer from the Chinese space program..."

Nice Hat

"... and we keep a Swedish masseuse on staff."

Near The Flame

"Here's where we do all our different science projects, and experiments and so on."

"How Long Will I Hold It?!"
Arise Chicken!
Bottle Rocket

"This is the kitchen... "

Lot's of Red

"... which contains probably some of the most technologically advanced equipment on the ship."

Our Robot Friend

"Eleanor put together a top notch research library for us... "

Romance Novel

"... with a complete first edition set of The Life Aquatic companion series."


"We process our own rushes and keep a cutting room on board, so we can do an assembly while we're shooting."

Coca - Cola Glass

"This is the observation bubble."

Inside the Sears Tower

"Which I thought up in a dream, actually."

Kevin Sleeping

"Two albino scouts swim with the ship. They're supposedly very intelligent. Although I've never seen any evidence of it."


"Here's the engine room."

City Vehicles Only

"The bearing casings aren't supposed to look like that, but we can't afford to fix them this year. "

Fix-A-Flat Mishap

"Topside, we've got the bridge, the mini sub, an old chopper and all kinds of radar and sonar and underwater movie gadgets."

Speed Racer
Love For The Volkswagen

"What happen to Jacqueline?"

"What?  You're Tired And Can't Perform Any More Magic Tricks?"

"She didn't really love me."

Intense Tulsa Oilers Game

Fierce Bearded Friends
Formal Pose


Jonathan said...

I am proud of your electronic endeavors. This is super great. Now don't get a big head. Well, bigger head.

Andrew Weaver said...

well thanks, dude. i am glad to hear you like the idea. i just wanted something a little different or whatever to present my rantings on than xanga. anyway... i'll try not to get a big head. haha..