Monday, October 8, 2007

Chuck's and Mondays

I've been itching for some Chuck Taylor's of late. I really can't say why. I'm not a big tennis shoe person, because the majority of the shoes I wear are dress shoes. So I seem to ignore the more casual lot of shoes. In fact, I'd say most of my tennis shoes end up lasting me a couple of years due to lack of use.

Speaking of casual, today was a casual day at work. It was kind of nice to get up in the morning on a Monday and be able to put some jeans on. Actually made me feel somewhat more anxious to awake and get going. It's ridiculous the things that can make a person a little happier about working.

Stopping by Starbucks also made my morning. I don't do that too often (as tempting as it is) due to expenses and calories, but I do treat myself on those mornings where I actually arise earlier than usual.

As was mentioned before, today has been a Monday. Many people hate Mondays for no good reason. There is a natural hatred in today's culture for the day Monday. This is rather unfair, and really unwarranted. Many people hate their jobs, so it stands to reason that people would dread Monday's if that is the chosen day they must begin their work week. But what does Monday have to do with one's displeasure of their chosen place of employment?
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The Bangles, The Boomtown Rats, and even The Carpenters all sang about Monday. All painting the battered day negatively by associating it as manic, hated, and rainy. Although it did rain most of the day today, this Monday has been a good one. The casual clothing at work, Starbucks, and now Monday Night Football have played a role in this. However, I believe no matter what day it is, it is all about how you look at it. What do I mean? If we begin a day with a negative attitude, we will almost always in turn have a pretty crummy day. It will take quite a bit to help us have a great day, whether it's Monday, Thursday, or even that day everyone seems to love, Friday! So going into Monday with the right attitude is crucial.
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So next time someone says to you, "Sounds like someone has the case of the Mondays", remember that isn't such a bad thing. Right?


Rachael said...

My eyes follow along the curves and lines of each letter. I stay focused on each word, hardly being patient enough to take in each word because I want to see what will be next. As I read along my heart races with more excitement. My eyes seem to be transfixed to the pattern of black lines. I smile and my eyes become wider and wider as I move through the sentences. I can't hardly stand the adrenaline rush I get while reading. By the time I reach the end I am left feeling exuberant and alive! ---When I read your blogs I feel like this. You have a real talent for writing. (Was this comment a little over the top? Maybe.)

Andrew Weaver said...

yeah... way over the top.