Monday, October 29, 2007

Writer's Block

Caught in the Fence, originally uploaded by thorinside.

I've got it.

Ideas are flowing, but nothing is coming out.

A couple of interesting sentences have come to mind. Each beginning the entry with some grand observation. My only problem is they will lead to nothing of any value.

I've opened my iTunes and let it randomly shuffle some songs. I often think better with music going. This is a practice I used to do when I was studying for tests in high school and college. However, even the Foo Fighters can't defeat this blockage.

I pondered for quite a while about posting some tips on overcoming writer's block. I know, pretty original isn't it? In the midst of not knowing what to write, hand out advice on what to write. I'm pretty sure that makes no sense.

I've even sat here and gone over a few writing exercises. I read a portion of a book. I read a couple of blogs. I read some of my past thoughts in my Moleskine.

I'm still baffled. Today was a fairly mundane day. There was nothing out of the ordinary. There were no outlandish statements that made me think about one thing or another. No one grabbed my attention. I woke up and got ready for work. I passed the emo kid waiting for the bus on the street corner, as I do every morning. His clothing colored in shades of gray and his hair elegantly disheveled. I always wonder what he thinks as I pull up to the stop sign each morning. Maybe one day I'll ask. I arrived at my place of employment, and I worked. There is nothing spectacular about that. Most of you did some of these same things.

Wait a second? Where did all of this written word come from?

My writer's block has been defeated...

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