Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shot Through the Heart, and You're (BCS) to Blame

Like a naive boyfriend, burned by his old girlfriend yet another time, I've been taken advantage of again. My hopes had been brought up to levels they hadn't been in years. In the end however, it happened just like I knew deep down that it would. I wanted to believe the BCS would work this time. I was a fool.

I'd gone a few years without caring anymore. I'd gotten over the BCS and college football as a whole. Each year would pass by, and I'd hear about Missouri or some other school that was playing half way decent but I'd ignore the stories. As if I was hearing about that old girlfriend and her new boyfriends. I was indifferent. A sure sign that I had finally gotten over college football.

Then, it happened. She came back. She came back, looking so much better than before. I resisted at first. Sure, my Missouri Tigers were playing well and were ranked, but I tried to resist at the beginning of the year. Then KU came out of no where, along with some other teams. I saw in the first few weeks #1's and #2's getting beat. I liked what I saw. She lured me back in. She told me it would be different this time. Somehow this time she wasn't going to rip my heart out again. She sold me a bill of goods, and despite my strongest concerns that I was making a mistake for caring again, I bought it. I convinced myself it would be different this time. I was a fool.

I don't need to sit here and go through all the facts and figures on why Missouri, or other teams were hosed. It's been done a hundred times already. I am simply here to say we're through. It's over. I won't come back next time. You won't convince me it will be different next time, because there will be no next time. I can't go through an entire season to end up angry and upset because the BCS is a bunch of bologna. Wow, I just said "bologna".

Maybe I've been a little over-dramatic here. But I think my point has been made. Until college football implements some form of playoff system I will pick the pieces of my heart up and do my very best to be indifferent once again. I was a fool, but I will never be again.

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Chris said...

screw the BCS. screw the writers. thank god it's over so I can watch college basketball on Saturdays, and know that a rightful national champion will win this March in San Antonio.