Sunday, April 20, 2008

How To Win Her Over. Instantly.

Here at Leave It To Weaver we try to do everything possible to offer up good, quality advice and entertainment. Of late we've provided advice on everything from public speaking to handling those trying times in life.

So this post is no different. We would like to show some love for those poor souls (men/boys) who are having a hard time impressing their girlfriend, significant crush, or obsession.

Are you a single male and having a brutal time trying to win over the girl of your dreams? Or are you dating someone who you feel you just haven't impressed enough? Look no further!

Our advice is to learn from the best. Learn from those guys that never seem to have any problems wooing the women they want. Take some notes. It's not about the flowers. It's not about all the sappy love notes (or creepy, stalkerish poems). No, it's not even about your looks or charm. Do you really want to impress your girl? Do you really want to knock her off her feet? Land a military chopper in her parents backyard. Instant love.

Thank you, and get to it! The woman of your dreams awaits.

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