Thursday, May 8, 2008

Avoiding a Good Day

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"A clear understanding of negative emotions dismisses them." ~ Vernon Howard

Previously I wrote about how simple it is to avoid a bad day. So I felt it necessary to point out that it is almost just as easy to avoid a good day. I know most of us don't want to avoid a good day. Still, there are times we make decisions that can cause our days to be far more complicated and stressful than they should be. There are some people you and I know who seem to experience one bad day after another. Why is this? Obviously there are times things happen to us that we have very little control over. But what I want to look at are the things we sometimes do in our day to day lives that cause us to avoid experiencing a good day.

Here are some simple ways you can avoid having a good day:

  • Dread the day ahead.
  • Be negative.
  • Be negative often.
  • Refuse to be friendly
  • Complain
  • Be envious of the advantages (real or imagined) of others.
  • Blame everyone or everything else for your ills.
  • Don't smile
  • Hold grudges.
  • Feel entitled
  • Put others down in an effort to feel better about yourself, or gain some sort of perceived advantage.
  • Get angry over small and meaningless matters.
  • Feel sorry for yourself.
You see, it's really simple to avoid a good day as well. The key is for us to recognize that often we hold the answer. We can choose our attitude. Sure, there will be times when difficult times arise that are beyond our control. Maybe even difficult situations we must attend to. But, if we have been focusing on our attitude from the beginning of the day we'll be much more prepared to handle those situations in a way that is beneficial.

What sort of day are you going to avoid having?

"Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain -- and most fools do." ~ Dale Carnegie


Chris said...

Dale Carnegie? Seriously, dude.

I think your "self-fulfilling prophesy" line of reasoning has great merit, but moreso in the larger context of how environment shapes our emotions and behaviors. After all -- if the machine tells you everyday "It is what it is," trying to personally overcome that kind of institutionalized apathy only makes you more of a square peg. Passionate and talented people do one of two things in such a withering environment: They reject it and leave; or, they are washed under by the wave of mediocrity and assimilate.

It ISN'T what it is -- it IS what we make it, every single day. If the environment stifles improvement and growth, we owe it to ourselves and each other not to compromise our integrity. It's time to move on.

Speaking of which - MAN, am I having a great week!! Hope you enjoy your weekend furlough.

Andrew Weaver said...

Seriously, Dale Carnegie. It doesn't mean I'm following him. It just means I liked that quote! haha!