Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here Come The New Kids

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With unemployment on the rise people are starting to look for alternatives. In the search for employment more will be willing to take risks, try something new, or go into business for themselves. Social media is going to play an important role in this recession.

Social media is going to play an important role in this recession. The social media tools available have been going mainstream the past few years. Twitter is on the rise and Facebook continues to grow.

As more people begin to find themselves out of a job, I predict social media will grow. People will have more time on their hands. They will begin to explore the Internet more. Those who have been hearing of Twitter and other tools out there but thought they didn’t have the time to keep up with an account will sign up out of curiosity. Some will sign up out of desperation, others with a spirit of entrepreneurship. It's going to get a little more crowded in the coming year.

As the crowd grows on many social media outlets it is going to become more difficult to be heard. The chatter is going to increase. There will be more junk out there and more great stuff to choose from. The competition will dilute in some ways. In other ways it will challenge us to step up our game to simply survive (to be heard). Simply put the noise, chatter, and clutter is going to increase.

How will you react?

Will you be one who gets bitter at the prospect of a few more joining the party? That is going to be the temptation for some. The indie, "I was here first" mentality will be appealing to some. I suggest a different reaction to the new kids on the block.

How about creating something of value? Consider the new kids on the block a challenge. This year will be an opportunity. Step up your game. Welcome them and find out ways you can provide more service. Create and share.

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