Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obstacle or Reality?

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What are you building? What is your dream?

No matter what it is you are building, odds are there is someone who doesn't get it. No matter your dream, there will always be someone along the way who says it cannot be done. Many will say you should take the more "realistic", more "sensible" route.

If you have fear and doubt, that is perfectly normal. Along the way, you will question if the pursuit of your goals (business or otherwise) are really worth your trouble. There will be those who will tell you they are not attainable and their doubts will occasionally lead to more self evaluation. It's not a bad thing to evaluate yourself and figure out that in reality you should be pursuing other things. Sometimes it is a good thing to be more realistic. Your dream may actually be unachievable.

However, if you've evaluated the situation and the only thing holding you back is fear and doubt, then it's time to overcome those obstacles. With a little work, you can control these areas in your life.

The naysayers of course are a different story. In my estimation, you have two options when it comes to these obstacles:

  1. You can choose to ignore them.
  2. You can choose to use them as motivation.
The choice is yours.


Nile said...

It is annoying when I have heard such things, but it is true, you use it as a learning tool, or a challenge. I cannot express this enough to clients when they are investing money into building their website. Some have had great ideas, but no drive and kept listening to the naysayers when I was giving them the tools to actually get ahead (when I did not have to... I could have just designed the site and did nothing else after being paid.)

Okie Jon said...

One of my fav song lyrics on this topic goes, "(forget) the naysayers cos they don't mean a thing, this is what style we bring"

April said...

For awhile there you sounded like simon from American idol. Ha.
That's really hard for me. I'm stubborn (prolly got that from my father) and hate admitting when I've been going the wrong way or doing wrong.
But that's sometimes the best way to grow. As long as you dont get too caught up in the negative. Everyone needs a little constructive critism.