Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dream a Dream

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Sometimes the best talent comes from the most unlikely of places.

  • It was 12 mostly uneducated, poor men who helped spread Christianity to “all the world”.
  • It was a man born in a log cabin in Illinois that became the president the United States didn't know it needed.
  • It was a 13 year old girl who received a diary for her birthday, who unwittingly put a face on and gave a story of the victims of a cruel Nazi regime.
Then there is Susan Boyle (go and watch this if you have not). Certainly her accomplishment is no where near the previous stories, but I think they all have one lesson in common. Society as a whole can be wrong. In less than four minutes, Susan reminded us of this.

Today people would scoff at Lincoln because he doesn't fit the part. Today people would scoff at the apostles because they were unlearned and poor. Today people would scoff at Anne because a diary written by a 13 year old would have a hard time being promoted by Oprah. Today people scoffed at Susan Boyle because she didn't fit pop culture's idea of a pop star.

Society (your friends, associates, and others) may scoff at your dream, your beliefs, even your talent but it doesn't mean society is right.

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