Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Already a Leader

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The thing about true leaders is they will lead whether their in a position of authority or not.

Look around your office today. Who stands out? Who is creating things? Who is getting things done? Who is taking the lead even when others may drag their feet? Who are the thought leaders? Who is thinking of ways to improve things? They aren't always those in authority, are they?

Already in a position of authority? Whether you are a visionary or functional leader, odds are you've been taking the reigns long before you were promoted to a position of authority.

Not yet promoted to any position of authority? Thinking you need to wait to be promoted in order to lead is a mistake. If you truly have what it takes, you should already been leading.

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Danny Brown said...

I once watched a man, quite simple with no outstanding qualities, inspire a cast of thousands to share his message. I asked one of them what it was about him that made all these people come out and take up the mantel. The response: "Because it's him."

If you can get that kind of response, and people take on board your ideas and run with them for their own needs, that's a pretty strong leader right there.