Monday, November 9, 2009

Who Will Promote You?

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Waiting for something to happen?

Me too. And I'm tired of waiting.

I have a proposal. Stop waiting for something to happen and start making things happen. I was recently asked rhetorically by a fellow co-worker, "If we don't promote ourselves, who will?"

Right question!

The way to answer is to stop waiting for something to happen. Get your hands dirty. Dig in and get to work. Make things happen. Take the lead. See your vision and take the steps necessary to make that vision reality. Rarely will someone else come along and show you the way. You will probably have to make your own way to make it work like you envision in the first place.

So stop waiting for something to happen.


David said...

very true, very true. i've been waiting for something to happen for years now - i keep waiting for that "perfect" opportunity to come along. after all these years, you'd think i would've learned that the right time is never going to happen unless i do something. i really want to start a business with videography, but have a hard time getting out there a letting people know that i actually exist. ...something i need to work on i guess.

Helene Scott said...

I'm in total agreement!

On to something totally different. Your photographs are brilliant. The angles and coloring really arresting. Hats off and low bow.