Monday, November 2, 2009

Working in a House of Cards

House of Cards (2 of 5)
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When it comes to mediocrity in the workplace, nothing will encourage mediocrity like poor morale.

You can have the best business model around. You can be one of the most efficient companies in your market. You can release huge profits every quarter. You can be on the cutting edge of all the technology in your field. In the end, if the morale around the office is volatile at best, you really have nothing but a house of cards.

A house of cards looks great. Depending on how it's built, it can be an amazing work of art. Everything seems to fit just perfectly. Yet a house of cards will crumble with the slightest bump or breeze.

Your workplace morale can be that bump or breeze that changes everything.

Devaluing achievement by promoting mediocrity will help fester low morale. Ignoring the morale of your workplace completely, or treating it as if it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things will get you a front row ticket to the crumbling of your house of cards.

You have seen these 9 Ideas before, but I think they're worth another look. If you want to change the morale of your business around, these 9 Ideas can help. The best thing about these 9 Ideas is they start with you.

  1. Be exceptional; especially when everyone else isn't.
  2. Focus on engaging people, not on how many business cards you can collect.
  3. When you compliment someone, mean it. Not much is worse than a fake compliment.
  4. Step forward when needed. You may feel alone at first, but it may be everyone's waiting to follow your lead.
  5. When surrounded by mediocrity, you have two options. Leave or be the exception to the rule. Choose.
  6. Challenge the status quo when necessary.
  7. Always ask questions.
  8. Be confident, but don't be a know it all. There's a difference.
  9. Be consistent in everything you do. People like to rely on someone.
Decide you no longer want to work in a house of cards, then the change in morale will begin with you.

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