Thursday, January 14, 2010

The SMTP Method Feels Good

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Shuffle this. Move that. Talk change. Proclaim success.

The thing that makes the SMTP method so attractive is it feels good.

SMTP feels good because...

  • ... it feels like you are moving.
  • ... it feels like the leadership who deploy the method are changing things.
  • ... it feels like something is getting done.
When you are using the SMTP method it's all about perception over substance, so feelings become the most important factor. It's more about the emotion of feeling like something is happening. What that something is rarely matters when it comes to SMTP.

Some questions to consider:
  • It feels like you are moving, but where are you going?
  • It feels like things are changing, but is all change good?
  • It feels like something is getting done, but what is that something?
If you're honest with yourself when you answer these, you will see that you never want to find yourself using SMTP. Real, measurable results must be the only option.

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