Saturday, June 16, 2007

Understand Your Man... Meditate On It

1. "A boy's best friend is his mother." ~ Norman Bates. It was today in 1960 that Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho opened. It is considered one of his best ever, and it remains the movie that most people remember Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins for. One thing I found interesting is that when Psycho opened, Hitchcock made sure theaters wouldn't allow people to arrive late for the movie because of the infamous shower scene that was in the beginning of the film. As a result, lines would often form long before the movie was to open.

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2. "We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout!" ~ Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash.
3. The liberation of Paris. What is it? Like a week now before Paris is liberated from her jail cell in L.A.? Sometimes, I know I crack myself up... but no one else gets it. Thanks for bearing with me. Let's move along...
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4. Call from Marrakech, Morocco on line one! I received a call from my friend Jaime in Morocco! It's not every day that one gets a call from Morocco. Well, for me it had been the last couple days because I had missed her first few attempts to phone me. It was good to talk to her! In some weird way, I kind of hope Homeland Security was listening in.
5. On June 15th, 1957 in Tulsa a Plymouth Belvedere was buried with all sorts of interesting things in it. I bet people were thinking about the different world we would be in 2007. You know for example, how the people of 2007 would be amazed that cars were actually once restricted to the ground. Or that people needed a "time capsule" to see things of the past. Why not just travel back in time? When it was buried a city official said that the car had "the kind of lasting appeal that should should still be in style 50 years from now." That's arguable at the least. Anyway, I found the whole thing very interesting. Check out the link above to read more and see some cool pictures.
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6. Today has been a day of cleaning and exercise. That's it.
7. Entirely random picture, unrelated to anything within this post. I'm glad I have friends who don't mind me taking photos of them. Pictures of random people aren't nearly as enjoyable.

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